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A regular on the southern Ontario club scene, Nolan Hubbard has played many of the top clubs in the GTA as both a solo act and now with his full 4 piece backing band. Delivering a unique sound with a powerful groove, soothing melodies and a matured musical sensibility, he has found a way to appeal to a vast variety of audiences from all walks of life. At just 20 years of age Hubbard has already journeyed across the country on a self-booked, self-promoted tour that saw him play for audiences from Thunder Bay, through Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton and Vancouver.

His debut record was produced by producer Douglas Romanow (Bieber, Tyga, Director of CCMA’s) and features performances from David Labruyere (John Mayer), Nick Buda (Taylor Swift), and Jerry McPherson (Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood). His publicity is currently being done by Paula Danylevich of Hype Music (ZZ Top, Nickelback, Nelly Furtado).

“Hubbard boldly emerges as vocalist, guitarist and composer of evocative acoustic-pop masterpieces with the release of his debut album including a collection of songs that are accessible, compelling and which wind their way into people’s souls. It’s a debut album that will undoubtedly make music lovers, cultural tastemakers and the music industry feel good about the future of popular music in Canada.”
-Jim Barber, Veteran Journalist & Author