For all those patiently waiting to hear my music, I’m excited to say that the wait will be up shortly! I am currently working with my producer Douglas Romanow at Noble Street Studios to make the debut full-length album. We went down to Nashville this July to lay down the bed tracks with an amazing group of musicians. We have the rhythm section of David LaBruyere and Nick Buda, and guitar work from Justin Ostrander and Jerry McPherson. These guys really did an awesome job of bringing the music to life, and it was an absolute pleasure to have them playing on my record. There is still lots of work to be done in the next few months but we’re getting closer to the finished product. Expect to hear the first single early in 2017, with a release planned later in the year. You can join the mailing list or check out my social media pages to be informed as soon as the release dates are out, I’m excited to share these songs with everyone, hope you’re ready to hear them!